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First Christian Church


Location:         Gurnee, IL

This project represents the courageous decision made by a small Disciples of Christ congregation to leave its original building and to relocate to a new site.


The congregation desired an economical building that communicated their frontier heritage and basic theological tenets. Their frontier heritage was reflected by the simplicity of the massing, detailing, and construction; which calls back to the early days of the church in America. The two crosses most prominently featured, one inside, one out, symbolize the basic tenants of Christianity. The interior cross has four book-like panels that represent the congregation’s commitment to living the four gospels, while the four armed cross on the exterior represents the four gospels going out to the four corners of the earth. The interior of the Sanctuary is simple and uncluttered, with a sky-lighted Chancel. Both levels of the church are multi-purpose, employing moveable seating in the Sanctuary and movable partitions in the lower level Fellowship Hall.

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